About our dough

Our dough recipes started with the idea of “how can we make cookie dough the way great-grandma use to make?”. Back then ingredients were all-natural without artificial colors, flavors or ingredients. So, there is no fake stuff in our dough. This even includes candies or other add ins to the dough. Our caramel sauce we use in the Salty Sweetness dough is crafted in-house. It is important to us that we provide the highest quality, all-natural cookie dough to our customers.

We also use heat-treated unbleached wheat flour and pasteurized eggs which make it absolutely safe to eat right out of the bowl, which we encourage! We have made sure that the cookie dough doesn’t just taste amazing as dough but also as baked cookies, so bake if your heart desires (that is IF any of the dough makes it home with you!).

About the founder, Christy Bell

Christy's love for cookies started when she was just 4 years old. One of her first memories was going to visit her great-grandmother who was the baker for University of Michigan in the 1960’s and ‘70’s. "I remember running up the stairs to her apartment with my brother, excitedly, knowing there was a plate of fresh baked cookies waiting for us. I can still remember how they taste", said Christy. I guess you could say baking is in her DNA.

Throughout her life Christy always found baking as a way to show her love to family and friends. She was known to college rooms as “Betty Crocker” and the “auntie” who always brings cookies to family and friend’s kiddos. When making the cookies she would always get full on eating the dough before she even baked it into cookies! That sparked the idea of selling cookie dough that was deliciously safe to eat and could also be baked into an amazing cookie; the choice is up the consumer. Once finding all-natural ingredients that would make the dough safe to eat, she ventured out into starting Her goal is to share her passion for cookie dough and spark great memories from childhood for customers.

“My hope is to transport adult patrons back to a happy childhood memory of sneaking cookie dough while grandma or mom baked cookies. And for the little ones, leaving them with a joyful memory of yummy cookie dough, just like my memory of my great-grandma’s cookies.” - Christy